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Yumeko Jabami Wallpaper
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Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami (蛇喰 夢子, Jabami Yumeko) is the protagonist of the series. She is a beautiful and mysterious transfer student to Hyakkaou Private Academy who initially appears modest, but shows a maniacal passion for high stakes gambling, as shown when her eyes glow red, which they often do. She has long, straight black hair with bangs styled in a hime cut and red eyes. Although she dislikes games where the outcome is predetermined, she can quickly deduce how such games are being manipulated in her opponents’ favor and, by doing so, she devises strategies that more often than not turn the tables on them.Ch. 1 Her increasing wagers and activities soon draws the attention of the student council. It seems her birthday is July 1st even without many records of her family backgrounds. She lives alone as her sole relative, her older sister, has been hospitalized long-term.Ch. 10 When she is reduced to pet status, although she could easily pay her debts due to her family wealth or from her winnings, she chooses not to, so as to be involved in more games and so she can also freely challenge the student council president.Vol. 2, 3 She is voiced by Saori Hayami in Japanese and by Erika Harlacher in English.Ep. 1 credits In the live-action drama, she is portrayed by Minami Hamabe.