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Zenitsu, while walking through the castle, encounters his old senior, Kaigaku, whom he hears talking from behind a door. He tells the Demon to come on out as he knows it’s him. Kaigaku dislikes the lack of respect Zenitsu shows and tells him that it’s no way to talk to his senior.

Zenitsu responds that, because he is a Demon, he no longer considers Kaigaku his senior. Kaigaku sneers at Zenitsu that he’s shabby and still just a weakling, then trying to provoke him by asking if Zenitsu had become a Hashira or if he could use anything other than Thunder Breathing’s first form. Zenitsu calmly retorts that Kaigaku seems thrilled to be the lowest-ranked of the Upper Ranks, despite the fact that he’s simply filling an empty slot.